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Wild Dogs


Wild dogs must be one of the most under appreciated of Africa’s large predators. So often when on safari the guides will get so excited when they find them and the guests will say “Wild dogs - what are those?” 

A Wild Dog is about 35 inches tall and weigh about 60 pounds. They are one of the rarest canids in the world, only a few a few thousand left. Once roaming through most  of Africa, today their strong holds are limited to wilderness areas of Botswana and Zimbabwe, threatened by loss of habitats and diseases associated with domestic dogs.


Wild Dog are remarkably efficient hunters, being successful in as much as 80% of their hunts, comparatively lions are successful about 30% of the time.

The best time and places to experience these remarkable creatures is in Botswana and Zimbabwe in June through July when they are expected to be denning as their puppies anchor them to an area and they trade in their nomadic lifestyle to rear their pups. They can have as many as 16 puppies, typically from one alfa female and fathered by one alfa male.

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